Take a look at Executive Closure and the service it can provide your company and the growth potential value to your operation.

As a teacher of 36 years, I have a knack for immediately establishing a good rapport with clients through maturity, honesty, and the ability to look at a challenge as an opportunity to take your company to new heights.

Executive Closure places me in a position to be a consultant for your company. With every executive your company sends with me on a fishing trip, I will be available for up to eight hours of consultation before the trip is arranged. As a consultant, these eight hours will be spent with your executives working on the strategies needed to gain closure on the account that this customer may hold.

During consultation with your company you will see that the contributions I can make towards your organization's future success are many. Do you desire to increase your profitability to record heights through meeting client's needs? Skillful relationship management with vendors and sales representatives can do this. I have a reputation for quick and accurate assessment of situations, using strong analytical and troubleshooting skills. There will be a conscientious and detail-oriented effort delivering quality and professionalism in every project and challenge you hand my way.

Your company will benefit from a loyal, positive, public relations professional that listens carefully to the client's needs in order to develop and maintain unparalleled client relations. The motivation to go the extra mile is evident in all my consulting work, which will contribute to your organizations goals and objectives.

My experience is relevant and extensive. I possess a calm attitude and superb understanding of people's needs. If you are looking for a consultant who is positive, personable, and able to perform in a pressure cooker environment, look no further. This is my belief: Every person I work with is an inspiration and each one holds some promise to our future success.
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