1. Q. - What does international mean? Are you based in a foreign Country?

A. Executive Closure International is based in Fort Worth , TX . International simply means, that I can book your company a fishing trip to Lake Oviachic , Mexico

2. Q. - What is your best value for a one-week trip for one person?

A. Booking trips into Mexico is always the best value. When we drive into Mexico , this is the best value. We can go three times for the price of one plane trip. Of course as we all know, time is money!

3. Q. Why is your fees so much less than other trips on the Internet?

A. This business is my passion. I am from the old school. I believe in an honest days pay for an honest days work.

4. Q. If my company wanted to send 10 executives to Mexico for a three day fishing trip how would this work?

A. - Your company will be sent a packet of information for each executive, which will tell them everything they will need for the trip. Hopefully all 10 fishermen will be arriving in Fort Worth and we will charter a flight to Obregon , Mexico . The accommodations at Lake Oviachic are excellent, with boats and local guides. The food is delicious.

5. Q. How can you claim to gain closure on a contract for our company when you know nothing about the person you are dealing with?
A. - My business is better understood if you think of it as a Consultant firm other than a Guide Service. As a consultant I can spend eight hours with your company learning the contracts and the expectations your company has for the customer which I will be spending the week with on the lake. I will develop a skillful management relationship with the client through your eight-hour orientation and close the deal for you. My consultant fee is $40 an hour.

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